Random Thoughts


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I miss them so much that it hurts. I’m still crying, longing for something that may not be true. That they never did, they never was and they will never be.

I’m afraid to know the truth, as if I will know anything about it in the future. I was never been this attached to any ‘couple’ before. Like I was bewitched that no matter how long it has been, my heart still aches for them.

They said “move on and accept the truth!” Yes, I already did. I accepted the fact that he has someone else and I’m pretty sure the other one will have his own too. I moved on, I’m not bitter anymore. But I know these two will always be my greatest what if.


Do you see how I love him true, it could have been you. As for you and your love for she, it could have been me. But we were a maybe and never a must, when it should’ve been us.

Lang Leav



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