Random Thoughts

Where to go? (p2)

Hi. I’m just reminding you that I’m still breathing. Nothing happened to me in this past few weeks. Aside from getting fat every minute, I’m still the same, a beautiful jobless human shit. Kinda sick of this life but what can I do, eh? Hehe.

Well, since I’m getting tired of reading all day, I decided to watch movies, anime and kdrama. Good news, right? I have a very wonderful routine everyday. Sleep, eat, read, watch, repeat.

I’m tired… really really tired.

I did my best. As a matter of fact, I’ve never been this positive after I had my interview. So I somehow made myself ready.

See that? I cut my hair because I thought change is coming. You can laugh at me, I’m giving you permission to make fun of my silliness. Surely, I was the one to blame. I assumed too much and now I’m broken as fuck. Thought that being optimistic is a good thing to boost my self-esteem since I always look in the worst case since I remember. I’m dim-witted and I lack in self-confidence so they don’t want to hire me. Looking for someone who has more work experience is just an excellent alibi to reject me. Because they don’t want me. They don’t need me. They don’t believe in me. Nobody does.

Maybe, working in the office isn’t for me so where do you think should I go? I should start living, but I don’t know where to start and how. Can’t You just… can’t You just take me back?

Because I wanna go home…


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