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He’s into Her

“Do you know why a guy cry for his girl? Because he’s into her.” – Eng. Deib Lhor Enrile

Last week of February this year, because of the suddend shortage (lol) of story to read in Wattpad, I decided to read maxinejiji’s He’s into Her. Super recommended sya ng Ate ko. Sa super recommended, nakwento na nya. Great, right? But still, dahil boredome strikes, binasa ko.

I didn’t like it at first because the guy, named Deib Lhor Enrile, did very very childish acts towards Maxpein Zin del Valle-Moon, and made me so angry. Sobraaaaaaaaang badtrip talaga ako sa kanya nung una! As in! Grabe! Sinusumpa ko na nga sya eh. Tsk! But this girl, yeah, Maxpein, she was like telling me that I should continue reading because she’s worth my time. I am amazed on how the author connects with her readers. She pulled me closer so I couldn’t go away. Maxpein Zin del Valle-Moon is not an ordinary girl that you can see whenever you go outside of your shell… because she’s Maxpein Zin del Valle-Moon.

I really love the uniqueness of the name of all the characters. Isa sa mga factor ng story na hindi mo malilimutanㅡ name ng characters. From protagonist to antagonist, very unique. Every chapter is soooo long, another uniqueness na meron ang story. Kung yung iba eh nagrereklamo sa maikling update, dito mananawa ka. Hahaha! Kidding. Pero I swear, ang haba nya talaga. The story plot is unbelievable. I am in awe every time na may marerealize ako habang nagbabasa! At hindi ko talaga matanggap na meron akong hindi naisip sa story. Naiinis ako kasi naisahan ako. Ayoko nun! Hahahaha. And I saw every characters to grow. September 2012 ito nagstart at kakatapos lang nitong February 18. 4 years and months naglayag yung story at ganun na lang talaga yung impact. Ibang klase yung mga sumubaybay. Sayang at hindi ako nakasali. But still greatful na hindi nya binura sa Wattpad since published na. So happy to read!

Ang dami ko ring narealize… gusto kong maging kagaya ni Maxpein. She’s so brave. She can stand alone on her own, protect herself and all her loved ones. She’s full of herself but it doesn’t look like a negative on her side, cause she has something to say. She’s very intellegent, just like her family and her friend Naih. I know na kaya sya ganun kasi ayun ang tungkulin nya sa pamilya at sa organisasyong kinalalagyan nya. But that doesn’t mean na ang ordinaryong tao gaya ko eh hindi kayang maging ganun. I know education is very important. I’ve got my bachelor’s degree but I still feel that I’m the dumbest person in this world. Like, I didn’t learn anything in school. Nakakahiya sa pamilya ko, sa mga naging guro ko, sa mga kaibigan ko… sa sarili ko. Wala kasi talaga akong kwenta.

May isa pa kong naisip. Maxpein said she couldn’t see herself in future in any profession she want. She couldn’t picture herself doing anything… like she’ll die early so she saw nothing. I feel the same, to be honest. But our difference is she has a goal. She wants to study medicine and be a doctor. While me? Until now, I’m still clueless. Kung mamamatay ako ngayon at mabubuhay bukas, sisiguraduhin kong magiging kagaya nya ako. Gusto kong maging mayabang tulad ni Maxpein. Gusto ko rin magyabang na may iyayabang. Gusto kong maging hambog. Hahahaha.

He’s Into Her is very worth to read. Nakakatawa, nakakaiyak, nakakainis, nakakakilig, nakakaawa, at nakakasaya ng puso. It’s an honor to read a story like that. All hands to the author 🙂 Now I’m waiting for her another story. Another del Valle, another Moon.

Story rate: 5/5


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