Memorable Event

My Valentine 💕

Mid of year 2012 when I started to read Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy, freshman College student. It isn’t my first time to read that kind of books so I am open-minded when it comes to sex. Although I still feel scandalize whenever someone did dirty talks *shrugs*. Maybe because I’m on the side of “marriage before sex”. I’m still innocent, I just have a corrupted mind. Lol.


About reading FSOG, I have 2 out of something friends that also reads it. They are Yvette and Kim and we love Christian Grey the most. Hihi. Who wouldn’t love a super hottie handsome guy like him? Aside that he’s a billionaire? Maybe some of you think that we’re after that “kind” of man. Not really, actually. So! When the movie version announced, we planned to watch it together. And since the showing is in February, we decided to be each other’s Valentine date from Grey in 2015 to Darker in 2017. The last installment will be next year so it’ll be our last Valentine with Mr. Grey in big screen. Yes, yes, yes. After the Freed, we’ll start in the first movie again in 2019. Lol. We’re crazy, right? 😀

Anyway, the movie is good just like before but since it was Darker, I expected a lot with how they will deliver some lines that I read in a very intense feeling. Like the encounter part of Mrs. Robinson, Ana and Christian on his birthday. When he said, “You didn’t taught me how to love. You taught me how to fck.” to Mrs. Robinson. Yeah, I know it’s just a mere fcking line but I like it because it was a slap in Mrs. Robinson’s selfish life aside that she was really slapped by Grace, Christian’s foster Mother and her “friend”. But all in all, the movie is jjang! And I can’t still believe that they did the sex scenes so natural (lol). I’m always like, “Ohmygod, how did they do that?”



I spend my Valentine like this. How about yours? 😀


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