Memorable Event

The Band

February 9, 2016. Department of Mathematics and Statistics Week’s Battle of the Band. I remember writing a blog about it few days after the event. It started from the moment Alvin pm-ed me to sing with the band (composing with our classmates, too). I got nervous by just imagining that I’m going to sing in stage– in front of our professors and other students. Actually, it isn’t my first time. My first was in an awarding of Basketball League in our Barangay. I performed Valentine by Martina McBride because I thought I can sing it without having a problem… but since I was nervous that time, I’m trembling while singing! Ugh. Hahaha. But my family’s still proud of me. Lol. Who will be your number 1 supporter aside from your family, right? 😀

Okay about this battle of the band, we had some problems while practicing. The place where we can sing, what songs to sing, and how will we perform it. We had only a week to practice so we’re kinda out of time but we manage to polish things in two days! I was amazed to my band mates in terms of playing instruments (and nothing more lol). They are good on it but they’re not fun to be with hehehehe. Anyway, we had 2 songs for OPM (instead of 1 as per instruction but I guess we’re just that great lol) and 1 foreign song. Mash up song of Jopay by Mayonnaise and Antukin by Rico Blanco and for foreign, Wherever You Are by One Ok Rock. I can’t sing the songs they suggested for the foreign part so I suggested Wherever You Are because the song is good, the message is lovely, I know I can sing it and I’m a fan! Hahahahaha! But since it was an English-Japanese song (and they don’t know it! Yuck! Joke! Hahaha), I had to trust it to them and they didn’t failed me. Seriously, we just practice it the night before the battle but they manage to play it so nicely that I could cry (not even kidding about this). They’re so good and I’m happy that they liked the song *throws confetti*

And the battle begins. We’re actually the first one to perform (blame Angelo coz he’s the one who picked the folded paper) but we pleaded if somebody can pick a number again because we’re under pressure that time! So instead of first, we went in fifth (very much better). And we’re really happy to see our classmates supporting us. For once, BSMath4-3 unites 🙂 I forgot to tell you that our blocked section is originally section 3 but we got divided randomly and some went to section 1 and the other is to section 2. Okay let’s move on… (easier said than done, joke!) We enjoyed our performance especially the OPM part because of Alvin’s craziness! He did funny things on stage and everyone’s laughing. When it’s my turn to sing, ugh I already expect it to be awkward since I am the only one who knew the song (and Kim too but she’s in the crowd) but we can’t stop Alvin for doing silly things so we finished performing just that. You can watch our video here. Sorry ‘bout the loudness of my friends, they’re just proud of us. And also to my singing talent… I don’t know if it can consider as a singing or a talent though. I really can’t sing *hides*.

By the way, we’re first runner up! 🙂

It’s been a year. Time really flies so fast.

Here’s our first and only decent picture that we’re complete.


L-R: Love (James’ Girlfriend, not included to the band), Benedict (drummer), James (guitar), Angelo (vocalist), Me, Lester (not included to the band), Joseph (base), Alvin (2nd voice), Julius (lead guitar)


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