Sunday Currentlies

Sunday Currently 03

Hello, hello and hello! How’s your day, guys? Are we good? Well, I am! Something came up and shaken my quiet and boring day. But don’t want to talk about it much, it’s Super Junior thing 😊 (I’m a fan!). So let’s start my Sunday Currently.



My twitter timeline. It’s all about SJ and how they wreck our world in just a snap. Like, they just went to SUM cafe together (with more than 3 members coz they’re actually on hiatus) and yet me and my mutual ELFs go gaga with it. Well, it’s a Super Junior effect πŸ˜‰


I’m honestly looking forward on particular Sunday that I won’t write in this Writing SectionΒ like “Writing my nth Sunday Currently.” But I know that Sunday isn’t today so yeah, I’m writing my 3rd Sunday Currently. Hehe


Versace on the floor by Bruno Mars. I know you guys know this song so well.


About what time I’m going to sleep because surely I’ll sleep very late again.


The strawberry flavored lipbalm on my lips. I put a little a while ago coz my lips are cracking and I can’t help not to peel it off even though it hurts. I just can’t stop πŸ˜‚


A very peaceful sleep. Like no dreams or nightmares or any interruption while I’m sleeping.


An email or a call. Anything between that. IΒ fucking seriously need a job. Why they won’t pick me? Am I not enough? Pangit ba ko? Charot! Haha. (T’was Liza Soberano’s line on her upcoming movie with Enrique Gilγ…‘ My Ex and Whys. Showing on Feb 15!) *Hi, Star Cinema. Barayan nyo ko. Lol*


A loose navy blue short and a striped grey shirt. Seriously, next time I’ll post a pic na lang kasi I’m suck in describing. Hahaha. Can’t take a picture right now coz they’re all sleeping na.


How fast the internet at this moment. Hehehe.


A 10-15 hours of sleep! Gahd! When I still have a job, every Saturday is a no-wash day. And I’m serious with this. Lol. Coming home from the office after 17 hours of working is worth of 10-15 hours of sleeping. Have you tried it yet? Hehe. I kinda miss that.


Nothing. I can’t think of anything.


Of course, happy! There’s nothing to be sad naman eh. So happy lang πŸ™‚

That’s all people! Bye!

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