Random Thoughts

Negativity, please leave me alone.

Have you ever cheer yourself but end up the other way around? Like you want to stay positive but negitive vibe comes along?

Ang hirap… and I really don’t know how to help myself. I know what to do but I don’t have any idea how will I do it. Ang tamad ko, nakakainis na.

Gusto kong magkatrabaho pero hindi ako nag-aapply. Kapag nag-apply ako, ang positive ko naman. Pero after ng exam, I’m starting to doubt myself. So many people cheer for me like giving me advises, keeping me stay positive, telling me to be confident, and I am sincerly thanking them for that. But on the other side of my mind, there’s always what ifs.

What if I didn’t pass the exam?

What if I blab something during the interview?

What if they judge me regarding on how I speak english?

What if… what if… what if…

I’m so tired. I know the anwser to my problems yet I can’t solve any of those to save me from these all negativities. Feeling ko patapon lang ako.


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