Memorable Event

EK EKsperience

Hello! 🙂

I am here to share my oh-so-scary-yet-happy experience in an amusement park. It was my first time to go to places like Enchanted Kingdom. Yes, my childhood sucks. Thank you.

I have acrophobia, no chill. I don’t know when, why or how but that’s what I know ever since I was born. I’m afraid to look down when I’m in high places; buildings or bridges. In my elementary days, my parents won’t allow me to go to any fieldtrips in school so going to an amusement park isn’t my thing. But since my friends invited me to go with them… hell, why not? It’s 2017 already, I need to change myself for a better me and facing my fear is a good start. So, last January 14, we went to EK.

Extreme EK was our first stop. They knew it was my first time YET THEY LET ME THAT TO BE MY FIRST RIDE. How cruel. I was so embarrassed because I cried after that. Gosh. They even took a picture of me while crying! How rude.

I didn’t intend to cry after that but I can’t hold my tears. Because of Extreme EK, now I know how it feels when you fall: scary. #Hugot 😛

My fave was the Air Race. The upside down part is really cool! I’ve learned how to open my eyes to look around because when we’re in Space Shuttle, my eyes were close all the time. They told me not to do that to enjoy more but I am too afraid to open my eyes. BUT, I’m okay now. Hehe. Still afraid, though. You can’t blame me.

Unfortunately, we missed Rio Grande since the queue there was too long and it’s already dark so we decided to go to Ferris Wheel instead for our last ride. The city lights were so great, so pleasant to see yet I can’t avoid not to tremble a little. But I can say that was the best part. Well, for me.

I really hope the next time we go there, I can manage to enjoy more the rides ☺

Ps. I’m having fun when my friend took this photo. I swear 😂


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