Happy 2017!

Happy New Year! I hope 2017 will be a great year for me and for everyone! Another year means another chance to prove your worth in life and a chance to change your bad habits into good ones. Another journey to begin with the people who walked with you ‘til the last day of 2016. Don’t forget to thank them for keep staying by your side and thank GOD for blessing you a bunch of great people.

2016 gave me a lot of memories.

I was able to witness how One Ok Rock rocks their fans’ world.

20160119_193554(January 19, 2016: 3XXXV5 Asia Tour Live in Manila at MOA Arena)

Did something that I thought I could never do AGAIN.


(February 10, 2016: DMS Week’s Clash of the Bands – Men Opposed’s debut stage and last stage)

Reached my parents’ dream for me.


(April 29, 2016: Graduation Day at PICC)

Reconcile with my old friend and got to see another one after a year.


(Isda and Bakla)

Got a work experience and met new people.


I’ve been able to create good memories with the good people.


And had (a) crush…es. Lol.


Who wouldn’t have a crush on him? Chos! Hi Syaoran ♥

Thanks 2016! Despite of how heavy I feel right now, I still have a lot of things that are worth to remember.

Happy New Year! 🙂


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