Random Thoughts

Where to go?

Hi. Ugh so this is supposed to be my first blog post.

My plan is to post my first blog on 31st of December but I really need to talk to myself someone about my dilemma.

If you read my older posts before, I’m a fresh grad and had a work for 6 months. I’m not terminated or fired for my tardiness but I’m just a mere project hire Data Analyst in a global multinational risk management, insurance brokerage and advisory company (thanks Mr. Google!) together with my other classmates/schoolmates/friends. But after 6 months, as our contract got expired, I need to find another job (yeah sure). I envied my other colleagues who got absorbed by the company. Guess that I didn’t really do my best when I was there (obviously).

So! As you can see (if you really imagine), I am unemployed for 20 days already and really pressured because I feel left alone being jobless. I tried to go to 2 companies where I was referred by my friends but got nothing from them. I didn’t pass the exam of the other company and the other one was told me that they’ll contact me for the panel interview within a week (but it’s been 2 weeks and others I knew who went there after me got a call). In addition to my countless thoughts, I also didn’t pass to the recent Civil Service Examination and everyone I knew who took the exam as mine did it. How lucky to end my 2016 *note sarcasm*.

About hunting a job, I honestly don’t know what position I will apply for. Yes I was a Data Analyst before but I applied for it because everyone applied for it (it means I was just go with the flow and didn’t even bother to know how it goes). I also don’t have an idea where to apply. My friends suggested me to anywhere they know but I’m not really sure about it. I’m looking for something I really want, something I’m really good but I can’t see anything… and I’m seriously afraid of that thought.

I saw this picture on FB and it hits me hard.



Now I’m nervous about my future.


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