50 facts about Chulelang


50 things you should know about ME. The fact that you clicked the link of my blog is enough reason that YOU are interested in me. DON’T TRY TO DENY IT! Okay, let’s start.

  1. I am beautiful
  2. I always talk to myself.
  3. I love listening music.
  4. I am a loner.
  5. But I have a lot of friends.
  6. I always joke around.
  7. I am sarcastic.
  8. I am the youngest in our family.
  9. I don’t like pink and other too girly stuffs.
  10. Black, grey, blue and red are my favorite colors.
  11. I love cats.
  12. I like to buy fine pens and notebooks that have cute designs.
  13. I tried to do journals but I don’t like writings
  14. I love hand written letters.
  15. I am sentimental.
  16. My heart is fragile. It gets hurt easily.
  17. I love to read.
  18. I love to daydream.
  19. I tried to do calligraphy but it looks like I’m only using markern than brush pen.
  20. I used to hate Justin Bieber.
  21. I am a kpop and kdrama fan.
  22. I love TVXQ, B1A4, GOT7, BTOB and Super Junior the most.
  23. I have many Oppa.
  24. I also love Ed Sheeran.
  25. Rock music isn’t my genre but I am One Ok Rock’s fan.
  26. I love coffee.
  27. I like gays.
  28. Maris Racal is my girl crush.
  29. I used to write fan fiction stories and Super Junior members are my main characters.
  30. I am a nocturnal person.
  31. I ship boy x boy hard.
  32. I like pretty boys.
  33. My ideal guy is someone who can sing.
  34. Li Shaoran is my childhood crush.
  35. I belong to 90’s babies.
  36. Scorpio is my Chinese Zodiac sign.
  37. I bitch around especially when I’m not in the mood.
  38. I don’t look friendly… because I’m really not.
  39. I only eat some vegetables.
  41. I started to blog because of Maine Mendoza.
  42. I can’t play musical instruments even if I want to.
  43. I don’t do household chores.
  44. I am messy. Do you like messy? (Lol)
  45. I drink occasionally.
  46. I don’t like Math.
  47. I am Bachelor of Science in Mathematics graduate.
  48. I hate English.
  49. Frustrated singer, writer and photographer.
  50. Philippines is my country.

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